Category: Exercise

  • Strength!

    I’m going back to taking care of this ol’ body of mine. I started a strength training program this afternoon following the job fair at work and boy(!) was it tough! I’m feeling very excited and hopeful. I enjoy strength training and it, in combination with low-intensity cardio, should help me to build those sexy […]

  • Finish what you started.

    Somehow, there’s nothing going on a whole lot going on all at once. This is what Daniel refers to as me “putting too much on my plate,” but sometimes my brain goes off on these tangents and thoughts just kind of flow freely. Here’s the thought process: I love beautiful things, particularly art and music. […]

  • Big Moment.

    Big moment: I just got my first “so I’ve been reading your blogs and you’ve motivated me to get the ole butt in shape” comment. I don’t know if you know how tremendous this is for me. Particularly because the more people I feel rely on me (in a sense), the more pressure I feel […]

  • Exercise Updates

    I’m starting this morning off right. I slept in until 5:45, did sunrise yoga on the deck while listening to the surprisingly soothing sounds of the golf course, and am tackling a healthy, balanced, high calorie breakfast. My body is so out of whack from all the food they provide, my sleep schedule is off, […]

  • Getting Started

    Day 1 in Oklahoma: off to a great start. Got up & worked out in the hotel gym. Only managed 455 calories but I’m going to try & run tonight. 5 min elliptical warm up 10 min elliptical 20 burpees 30 push ups 10 min elliptical 40 lunges 50 lb lat pull down (3x 10) […]

  • Busy day!

    Busy day! I started with boot camp this morning at the Gold’s Gym in Bryan. The trainer was super cute… 😉 I was so proud seeing Daniel’s name on the poster! 10 sprints, then 3 rounds of weighted squats, push ups, weighted lunges, pike presses, and alternating leg planks! Finished the day off this evening […]

  • Nothing Seems Different.

    It seems that I’ve finished my undergraduate degree. All that’s left is the ceremony on Saturday… And yet, it seems like just another Monday night. I’m baking chicken and sweet potato fries and watching last week’s episode of Supernatural on my laptop. I walked in and out of Mays Business School to take my exams […]

  • April 14th–My Most Favorite Day

    April 14th–My Most Favorite Day

    “You know you can buy Blue Bell ice cream at the store.. You don’t have to run 6 miles for it.” – Noah Voigt All the same, this weekend I ran 6.22 miles to get a strawberry Popsicle in my belly. There were other reasons for running it, though. Important reasons. Like, I needed a goal to […]

  • Transform.


    Transformation Step 1: Know your goals. So what things am I trying to accomplish? This is a hard question to answer, particularly as the answers can come from any direction at any time. “I’d like to buy more oatmeal,” “I’d like to finish all the seasons of Mad Men,” or “I’d like to have already […]