Finish what you started.


Somehow, there’s nothing going on a whole lot going on all at once. This is what Daniel refers to as me “putting too much on my plate,” but sometimes my brain goes off on these tangents and thoughts just kind of flow freely.

Here’s the thought process: I love beautiful things, particularly art and music. I’ve dabbled some in both and, as a result, have acquired ample painting supplies, a microphone, two guitars (electric and acoustic, naturally), a bass guitar, a dulcimer, a piano, and an assorted arrangement of giant rain sticks for good measure. The list doesn’t end here, though, and that’s my issue. I have this strong urge to learn how to sculpt after attending the Artist’s Studio at the Marland Mansion yesterday, and then there is that looming cello purchase on my bucket list. (All bucket lists, by the way, are welcome in the comment areas of this page on the chance that yours is better than mine. Theft is, really, the biggest form of flattery).

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this except to say that I can’t commit to any one thing. I have not pursued every nook and cranny of each instrument nor have I developed any semblance of an artist’s craft. I’ve written numerous songs and nearly recorded an album under a free-thinking record label, but I never made the trip to Austin to do so. It’s in the same vein as the way I live a healthy, active lifestyle, then sabotage my own weight loss goals.

This says something to my character, I believe, and it’s not exactly something I like. The real question here is, “What am I afraid of?”

Let’s move on, shall we? Today, I’m going to start finishing things through. I’m starting Insanity on Monday after the break & it’s already been made apparent to me that my track record of finishing things is less than perfect. When it comes to exercise, I’m not an internally driven person, so a strong support group is key for me. This is not to say that I’m anticipating cheerleader comments on every thread earmarked “Insanity” for the duration of the 60 day program, I’m merely saying that I’m going to try & make posts, keep myself accountable, and not fall off the bandwagon.

If I can prove that I can finish this, then I will buy myself a cello.

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