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  • Patience


    With my birthday fast approaching, it’s near time for my annual self-inventory, a ritual which began for me the night before my 10th birthday. Then, 9-year-old me lay in bed, pondering my seemingly long existence, and cried because I felt like a chapter of my life was ending. I was entering the double-digits. Nothing would ever be […]

  • Fitness and Fatness

    Fitness and Fatness

    In Western culture, for whatever reason, Fitness and Fatness are seen as opposing forces. They’re two mutually exclusive categories that file everyone into one of two camps: The Fit or The Fat. For those of you who read my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a huge proponent of body positivity and, as a yoga instructor, […]

  • Evolution


    I get asked a lot of questions when it comes to diet in exercise. Usually it’s prefaced by “I’m doing this cleanse” or “I started this diet…” or “I bought this video and…” But more often than not, it ends with “…but it’s not working.” You can spend all day searching Pinterest and finding “Healthy Crockpot […]

  • My body is a wonderland. Or something.

    My body is a wonderland. Or something.

    I am a healthy 24 year old woman. I have an amazing body. I am 5’4 and sit just under 150lbs. I’m curvy. I have cellulite. I have an hourglass figure, in that my shoulders are almost as wide as my hips. I have small, 27.5 inch waist that slowly billows out to a bodacious 41 inch […]

  • ColoRADo.


    I know, cheesy. But it’s my blog so I don’t care. Daniel and I had an absolute BLAST in Colorado. I mean, new love for life kind of blast. Not so much a new love for western Kansas, however, which consisted of most of our 10 hour drive. We got to climb sand dunes, go […]

  • Summer Body Fitness Challenge Goals

    Summer Body Fitness Challenge Goals

    Oh, you know me. For awhile now, I’ve actually been in a pretty great place, weight-wise. It’s slowly coming off and in a way that’s kept me sane (the occasional cheat meal is a-okay!). Back in October, I reached an all-time high weight of 164 lbs. Earlier this week, I broke the 150 mark and […]

  • Yoga Studio

    Yoga Studio

    So my lovely and adorable husband has turned our garage into my own personal yoga studio. That’s right, he’s completely forfeited his ONE domain in our home (or half a domain, as we were only using half of the garage for his garage gym and half of the garage for the car) and installed rubber […]

  • Meditation


    I’ve made a new blog. It’s called Something Styled and it’s supposed to guide me and keep me focused and accountable and all of those other good things. Feel free to check it out. I feel clearer today than I have in a really long time. Last night, after eating too much pizza and not […]

  • 6 months to go!

    Actually, less than. It occurred to me yesterday that Monday was the 6 months and counting mark. Panic has not quite ensued, but it’s getting close. The dress is bought and now at the tailors being nipped and tucked as we speak. The venue is booked with the half-way deposit down (and my dad got […]

  • Energy

    So let’s talk about high-energy versus low energy people. Whether this is a real concept or not, I have no idea, but it seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life so I thought I’d tap on it for a moment. Now, “energy” here I believe doesn’t refer to actual energy levels, although I […]