I know, cheesy. But it’s my blog so I don’t care.

Daniel and I had an absolute BLAST in Colorado. I mean, new love for life kind of blast. Not so much a new love for western Kansas, however, which consisted of most of our 10 hour drive. We got to climb sand dunes, go bouldering (slightly) under a waterfall, eat by a gorgeous stream, and hike up “The Incline.”

The Incline. The best worst part of the trip.

It looks a little like this:

But don’t let that picture fool you into thinking that it’s relatively flat at any point. In fact, this picture was taken looking UP. For better perspective, I will provide these images for you, courtesy of Google:

Treacherous, right? Yes. And incredibly dangerous and infinitely badass. Not to mention, we hiked up it with 30lb packs on our backs because we’re awesome (or idiots, I’m not sure which). And here’s the view from the top (that I took):

And these are the gorgeous pictures Daniel took:

Us, looking fly, at the bottom of the Incline.

Looking up from the bottom (don’t worry, the top up there is actually a “false” peak… aka it keeps going once you get there).

A quarter of the way up.

Half way up.

Me, realizing we were only half way up.

Danger and treachery.

Closer to the top.

Closer (he took each of these photos while he was waiting on me to catch my breath).

View out.

Pretending to be happy.

Overlooking the whole wide world.

Proof that we, and our incredibly flattering socks, made it to the TOP.

And that we were happy about it.

Seriously, I burned over 1,500 calories going up this thing. No lie.


We didn’t make it up any 14ers for lack of time, but I think Daniel and I are feeling pretty dedicated to the idea that we want to get back up there and tackle.. well, all of them. 🙂


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