About K.M. West

I write stories for people who want to believe in magic and like to have their hearts broken.

I’m in the business of crafting a life I have no desire to escape from. Mom to two badass tiny women, wife to a man who, if I were to put him in a book, would read as unrealistically perfect, and general hobby enthusiast, I spend my time balancing my work as an IT professional, gym owner, yogi, and writer.

I write to explore the universal themes behind belief and religion throughout diverse cultures, crafting heart-wrenching adventures for readers to participate in alongside one another. My hope is that these stories will open people’s hearts and expand empathy through difficulty, unique lenses, and the occasional showdown with a monster or an ancient god.

My first book, Wild Things Will Roam, is currently available! Check out the Books & Links tab for information on how to get your hands on a copy!

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Where things are wild…

The debut novel in the Collapse Series, Wild Things Will Roam is an evocative dystopian novel filled with ‘humour-wrapped ruthlessness.’

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“Where things are wild, wild things will roam.”

In a war-scarred world where horrible Creatures (“Creats”) roam wild, the future of humanity rests upon the shoulders of Lash and Ander, two brothers who failed to fulfill their prophecy once before.

Liv cut her teeth on war, famine, death, and despair. When her brother vanishes, she and her adoptive father, Carian, abandon their homestead in search of a Priestess rumored to find lost things.

With their fates inexplicably tied, the four must claw their way through the horrors of a fractured American South… but none are prepared for the theater of terror that awaits them, nor how badly they will need each other to survive.

Their nightmares prove very real, but hope, however small, may yet prevail.

Where things are wild, wild things will roam…





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Creative Services

With nearly a decade of experience as an IT professional, I’ve expanded my pallet toward creative design. My goal is always to convey an emotion or message first and foremost–focusing on the ‘heart’ of a work. For service inquiries, please use the Contact Me form and let me know how I can help!

Book Covers

I provide unique digital designs for self-published and independent titles in either digital cover (Front) or print (Front – Spine – Back) cover options.

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Want an eye-catching, engaging less-than-a-minute trailer to tease readers with a glimpse of your world? I’ll design a high-quality music and text based teaser that can be used across websites and social media platforms.


Want a professionally designed pop graphic? Website images, Facebook covers, Twitter covers, and Instagram posts can be created based on your individual needs.

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The world is increasingly visual–and what better way to bring your world to life than to create a custom trailer! I will create a 1 – 2 minute trailer to enrapture your audience and fully immerse them in your world.

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