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  • Choices & Expecting Perfection

    Choices & Expecting Perfection

    I have talked about my generation before and I won’t reiterate my concerns with the ever present desire to “find oneself” and refuse to accept the position of adulthood. Instead, I want to discuss another issue that plagues not only my generation, but the entirety of western society: Choice. I recently watched a rather amazing TED […]

  • On Marrying Young.

    On Marrying Young.

    So this year is wrapping up and it’s time for the annual existential review of my life. Yet another big year for me, obviously, on account of the fact that Daniel and I got married. Young. We got married young. We are definitely not alone in this as I can’t even begin to count on both […]

  • 1 Year Update

    1 Year Update

    So here we are  exactly 1 year after purchasing my home. This entire blog is geared around transitioning this Texas girl to a new life in Oklahoma. It’s crazy to me that this epic year of life changing has come and gone, much like I had assumed it would. What a huge and amazing year it […]

  • ColoRADo.


    I know, cheesy. But it’s my blog so I don’t care. Daniel and I had an absolute BLAST in Colorado. I mean, new love for life kind of blast. Not so much a new love for western Kansas, however, which consisted of most of our 10 hour drive. We got to climb sand dunes, go […]

  • Yoga Studio

    Yoga Studio

    So my lovely and adorable husband has turned our garage into my own personal yoga studio. That’s right, he’s completely forfeited his ONE domain in our home (or half a domain, as we were only using half of the garage for his garage gym and half of the garage for the car) and installed rubber […]