Yoga Studio


So my lovely and adorable husband has turned our garage into my own personal yoga studio. That’s right, he’s completely forfeited his ONE domain in our home (or half a domain, as we were only using half of the garage for his garage gym and half of the garage for the car) and installed rubber flooring, shelving, speakers, ambient lighting, and vinyl decals all so I can pursue a personal dream of mine to become a yoga instructor.


Yeah. That really happened. And we’re almost done, too! I’m excited to be leading a hot yoga practice starting in the next couple of weeks for some friends and, potentially, even taking up instructing a class in the gym! If I get comfortable enough, that is.

We’re headed to Topeka this weekend to get our YogaFit Level 1 certifications and I literally can’t wait! I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks now, and I’m so excited to spend 10 hours on both Saturday and Sunday learning about the practice and actually doing a lot of the vinyasa flows as well. It should be a blast! I’ll be sure and post pictures of our studio as soon as it’s completed (it’s pretty dang close right now). 🙂

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