1 Year Update

So here we are  exactly 1 year after purchasing my home.

This entire blog is geared around transitioning this Texas girl to a new life in Oklahoma. It’s crazy to me that this epic year of life changing has come and gone, much like I had assumed it would. What a huge and amazing year it has been! Quick recap:

Graduated college
Got engaged to Daniel
Moved to Oklahoma
Started working for ConocoPhillips
Bought a house
Moved in my dog
Moved in my fiancé
Got married
Went on honeymoon in disastrous weather
Went to Alaska for work (read: “for free”)
Got Yoga-Fit Certified
Went hiking in Colorado
Converted our garage into a yoga oasis
Opened a Hot Yoga studio

And now, we’re starting the redecorating process on our house. This weekend begins our curb-appeal project (which has been tackled slightly with the addition of some amazing plants (care of Daniel)). We’re planning on painting the front door red, staining the porch with a semi-transparent “ember” gray stain, and installing wood panels on the ceiling of the entry. In addition, we’re hanging a new porch light. 😀

Expect before and after photos soon!

Can I just say that it’s incredibly humbling that so many amazing things have happened to me this year? When I stop to think about the life I would have dreamed of growing up, none of these things factored into it… and yet, they were all a part of my dream to be happy. I’m happier now than I think I’ve ever been. I feel better about myself, my body, my stress levels, etc. than I have since I was probably a child (although I think I probably thought I was fat and stressed then, too). I was truly terrified that the world was going to crash down around me once I moved away and started working, but instead responsibility has become a welcome nuisance. It’s definitely taught me that I’m capable of handling any situation as long as I keep my eyes turned forward and the mantra in my head that “this, too, shall pass.” I’ve learned so much about my job, my company, my area, but also about my life, my husband, and myself. It’s unfathomable that all of this has wrapped itself around me and that all of this goodness has been offered to me. God is definitely great.

Sometimes, though, I wonder what portion of good things come from fate and what portion from positivity. Are all of these amazing things happening to me because something terrible is lurking around the corner? Or are all of these amazing things happening because I’m able to “look at the bright side” and recognize each situation for the pure blessing that it is? Maybe this is pessimism v. optimism in its truest form. I can’t worry about it now, though. All I can do is move forward and embrace everything that comes my way… hopefully they will continue to be as lovely as they have been this past year. ❤

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