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  • Write What You (Don’t) Know

    Write What You (Don’t) Know

    I distinctly remember the word problems in my High School physics class asking me, “If Trent wants to push a box…” so that I might determine how much force he’d need to get the damn thing moving. Lo, and behold! It’s that same static energy that holds us down, holds us back, holds us in […]

  • This Moment.

    This Moment.

    “I’m not sure I enjoy living through all this history…” — the resounding feelings of everyone collectively. I don’t like to write when I have to pry the words from my mind. Usually, if I have nothing wise or witty to say, I just try to refrain from leaving paper-trail proof that I, too, am […]

  • You’re lonely. And you’re not alone.

    Let me know if this sounds familiar: You’re feeling out of touch. You notice you’re now awkward around your closest friends and family. Every conversation you have is either superficial or about all the anxiety-inducing horrors going on around you. You feel stupid, kind of jealous, and just… on the outside, even with people you […]

  • Millennials Called in Crisis to Make America Great

    Millennials Called in Crisis to Make America Great

    At the beginning of this year, a friend of mine committed suicide. It shook me in a way I hadn’t really experienced before. I questioned myself, my intention, my right to discuss his life–and his death. As his friend, I had done more than was required, but it wasn’t enough. I was kind and inclusive, […]

  • The Pursuit of Perfection.

    “Perfection is our armor… But armor is rigid, and leaves us little room to grow.”


    Who doesn’t love a little adventure? If you’ve followed my journey, you’ll know that it’s been rife with varied esteem, surprising exploits, and overwhelming joy. Today, I’m happy to announce yet another facet to this endeavor that I’ve be so lucky to call my life: Wild Things Will Roam will soon be available TO THE […]

  • Rules for a Joyful Life (pt. 1)

    I don’t have a part two planned, but I figure everything in this world is a work-in-progress, so I can only imagine my definition of joy will be, too. I am not rich, famous, or an instagram model. I am, though, the happiest I have ever been, and have been hit with a couple “I […]

  • Stroke of Genius.

    Stroke of Genius.

    Ancient Romans believed that each of us was born with a ‘genius’ (from the Latin gignere, meaning “to give birth or bring forth”), a guiding spirit who provided us with our unique thoughts or abilities. This spirit defined us, and gave meaning to our lives. If we had a brilliant idea, it was due to […]

  • Night. Terror.

    Shaking, I turn off lights and lock doors, knowing that wood, brick, and drywall can only keep out some things. A half bottle of wine sits idly in my stomach, no more an immunization than the sleep aids. Already afraid, I steel myself with a hot shower and joyful memories. It’s going to be fine. […]

  • Wildflowers in Planters.

    Today, I met an angel at a coffee shop. I am one that believes that everyone who walks in or out of your life is meant to teach you a lesson. Today, I got a text from a beta telling me that somehow, this story “lines up with everything I’m going through or have been […]