Who doesn’t love a little adventure? If you’ve followed my journey, you’ll know that it’s been rife with varied esteem, surprising exploits, and overwhelming joy. Today, I’m happy to announce yet another facet to this endeavor that I’ve be so lucky to call my life:

Wild Things Will Roam will soon be available TO THE PUBLIC.

(Cue internal screaming over the image of a tiny boat made of pride riding a giant, crashing wave of insecurity!)

“So where can I get a copy?” those of you who are big proponents of me (or friends of my mom) might ask.

Well, you can’t, exactly. See, this is where the adventure piece comes in. After querying for a couple of months and being lucky enough to snag a couple of offers on the manuscript, I’ve elected to do something a little unconventional and choose an up-and-coming digital publisher as the home for my story.

“Why would you do that? What does this mean?” those of you still paying attention might ask.

There were several factors that went into this decision, but the main driver for me was ingenuity. The number of writers for genre or fiction works has skyrocketed in recent years (Which is awesome! So much to read!), but it also means that Amazon is full of incredible books that can get lost in the weeds. Even more problematic, fewer people are reading and instead opting for more easily digested content (video, audio, film, binging their favorite series).

At its heart, Wild Things Will Roam is a story of perseverance and empathy, set against a nightmare world. I’ve lived in this world for the past two years, and what my heart wants more than anything is to share it, and to find the readers who will love it the way I do. Enter: Episodic.

When Episodic Reading came to me and gave me their pitch, I was intrigued. Episodic is a start-up out of London who wants to bring back serialized literature by way of digital reading, in order to make it easier for folks to read great books. The story will be divided into weekly episodes released on the Episodic App, where you can check in with the characters you love as they face their trials and tribulations and then get back to the other things you love. It’s interactive, meaning you can leave comments and discuss content with other readers AND the writers, plus future versions will have places for artist renderings, fan art, and other unique insider content. Episodic is providing a virtual WORLD where you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite sci-fi or fantasy epic for months at a time, for a subscription fee lower than that of Netflix, Audible, or Google Play.

Now, the app is set to launch in the UK only in 2020, with hopes of breaking shore stateside sometime mid-year. This means that most of you guys will still have to wait to get your hands on Liv, Lash, and Ander, and see what happens to the Fox (in the meantime, feel free to check out Dogwood Stains for a little content teaser, or give yourself a real taste and read the Prologue), BUT the story is on its way!

Keep your eyes peeled for neat content, updates on how the journey with Episodic is going, and for dates. Thank you all for your support, and for being here for me during this entire process–I’m nothing without my network. Lastly, check out this sick cover and feel free to leave comments about how awesome is it.

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