6 months to go!

Actually, less than. It occurred to me yesterday that Monday was the 6 months and counting mark. Panic has not quite ensued, but it’s getting close. The dress is bought and now at the tailors being nipped and tucked as we speak. The venue is booked with the half-way deposit down (and my dad got to see it! He loves it, actually). Mary Brazzel (my mom’s friend) has volunteered to host my Bridal Shower on April 14th, all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen have been asked (and accepted!), my girls have started the process of looking for their sundresses in our natural neutral scheme, engagement photos taken, and Daniel and I have done a dry-run for our registry. The save-the-dates are now ALL complete (some still need to be delivered… eh), and the invitations have been picked out and will be ordered over Christmas. Daniel has our rings… well, except for the one I’m currently wearing 😉

Still to be done:

1. Meet with the florist.

She’s booked and has her deposit, but I still need to figure out what I want for flowers. The scheme is natural neutrals as far as colors go, and “Woodsy Whimsy” is the theme. So poses the question: do we want to have an accent color to go with our creams, beiges, browns, greens, and whites? There are a few ideas I’ve been toying with, including all white and off-white flowers with stems and twigs,

Organic White and Green Bouquet

a white and green bouquet, in keeping with the current color scheme,

a bouquet with a corally accent color, to match the raffia on a few of our save-the-dates,

The Bouquet

or using an “accent flower,” sticking with the natural color assortment of dahlias.

It’s still undecided.

2. Meet with the Cake lady.

I haven’t even thought this far.

3. Work on the playlist for the wedding.

We’ve already got a DJ lined up, all we have to do is organize our thoughts and figure out what we want played when.

4. Figure out additional decor.

Elmwood Gardens luckily comes with all kinds of goodies as a part of the package, but any additional touches we want to make it “ours” will have to be worked out on our end… Unfortunately, Pinterest has me in a state of sensory overload, making it next to impossible to decide what I love and what just happens to have been captured by a phenomenal photographer. It’s amazing how often those two can be confused.

And last, but singularly the most important,

5. Get in wedding shape.

No, for real. Most important. Recently, I pretty much quit dieting and starting eating when I’m hungry and not when I’m not and running and swimming again. So far, this seems to be working for me. I’ve informed Daniel, though, that I fully intend for us to be the health nuts I know we can be once he moves here (which, by the way, is in less than 3 weeks!!!)!

I can’t wait. I miss that lifestyle and am deeply saddened by how lazy I’ve become since I moved here. My willingness to buy a variety of groceries or attempt to make anything even remotely interesting to eat has had me in a rut for quite sometime now. I want to get back to being me again… and get in wedding shape…

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