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  • Wedding and Honeymoon

    Wedding and Honeymoon

    So, so much has happened. For starters, Daniel and I got married. And I learned that all of those little details I wanted to be perfect, I never even saw (no, seriously, I’m waiting for the photographer to give us back photos so I can actually see what our wedding cake looked like. I truly have […]

  • The Good Life

    The Good Life

    Holy crap. I’m getting married this weekend. Repeatedly people have asked me if I’m “nervous” or “excited” yet. At first, these kind of bugged me because 1) for some reason I resent girly excitement over such matters and 2) I’m so ridiculously sure that this is right that I have no worries. But as we […]

  • Wedding is in Full Bloom

    We got our first wedding gift in the mail yesterday! A much-needed and long awaited crock pot, courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Don & Gene Autry. Daniel’s already prepped a couple of recipes for the next weeks worth of food. 🙂 We also went yesterday to shop for props for the bridal portraits I’m having […]

  • I’ve missed you.

    Okay, Diary. To say I’ve been scarce lately would be the understatement of the century, I realize. And to say that this was out of my control would be a complete and utter lie. In fact, on more than one occasion I’ve thought to myself, “Self, we should write in our blog,” and then, in […]

  • 6 months to go!

    Actually, less than. It occurred to me yesterday that Monday was the 6 months and counting mark. Panic has not quite ensued, but it’s getting close. The dress is bought and now at the tailors being nipped and tucked as we speak. The venue is booked with the half-way deposit down (and my dad got […]

  • Fall is here! and we’re hitting it hard. :)

    Alright, so there’s been a lot going on in my life as of late, and a lot of things have been put on the back-burner. One major thing? My wedding. So, lately, things have been slowing down and all of a sudden I’m a wedding fanatic. “What is that?” you ask? That’s someone who spends […]

  • On Holiday

    My, oh, my! This has been a wonderfully eventful uneventful fourth of July break! It started on the 4th with a 3:15 am wake up, load up, and drive out to the Tulsa International Airport. From there, a brief layover in Dallas before I finally got my butt back to A&M! Daniel and Collin picked […]

  • Obnoxious Lovefest.

    I’ve been doing some wedding research and I might have caught the bug… So yeah, I might be bragging, but I’m incredibly excited about marrying Daniel. He’s responsible, ridiculous, and tougher than most. He’s my best friend and a near perfect compliment to me. He likes that I’m quirky but keeps me from crossing the […]

  • Miles to Go

    “…I’ve got promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep.” –Robert Frost Well, the truth is that the fast pace of life has hit me all at once. Two weeks ago I was working on finals, then I was packing and cleaning and prepping for graduation/moving most […]

  • Never can say goodbye.

    Well, that’s it. I’ve moved out of my apartment, loaded down my car with anything & everything that would fit, kissed my new fiancĂ© goodbye, and left College Station for good. Talk about closing one chapter & opening another! A week or so ago I was a relatively carefree college student just trying to graduate. […]