Wedding and Honeymoon

So, so much has happened.

For starters, Daniel and I got married. And I learned that all of those little details I wanted to be perfect, I never even saw (no, seriously, I’m waiting for the photographer to give us back photos so I can actually see what our wedding cake looked like. I truly have no idea). It was definitely the fastest few hours of my life. I definitely was on the verge of crying throughout the entire ceremony. My dad started the whole blubber-fest because, as we walked down the aisle, he leans over and whispers, “We can still run away…”

Insta-tears. Crying just thinking about it now, actually. Ugh.

But the rest of the night was amazing. Everything went pretty smoothly (I think?) and reports are that people had a great time. I’ll post photos as soon as I get them.

In addition, Daniel and I went on the single most adventurous honeymoon likely ever (if honeymoons were rated on a scale of ever).

Firstly, he came down with a 102 degree fever and we spent our first night in Eureka Springs in their adorable little emergency room. Turns out it was just an upper respiratory infection, but as a result he was unable to taste or smell for the duration of the trip!

We spent the next day getting massages, walking around downtown, going on small hikes, and visiting the haunted hotel there in town. We were staying at the Arsenic & Old Lace B&B in their Treetop Suite and the breakfasts were delicious (not that Daniel could tell). I would definitely recommend it (especially our room) if you’re into bed & breakfasts. It was absolutely gorgeous through the area and it was so nice to be surrounded by so much nature.

The next day we left for Buffalo River National Park to introduce me to to the “wild life.” It torrentially downpoured as soon as we got our tent set up and we ended up napping in the car for two hours! Then we went on a small hike to some amazing places and scheduled our canoe trip for the following day. We went back to our tent and braved yet another torrential downpour for the duration of the evening (at least it kept the tent cool!) and were suprised to find that the 2-man tent my parents bought us for Christmas held up against the storm!

The next day, we attempted our canoe trip. It was an 11-mile trek down the Buffalo River, which, leisurely paddling, should have taken us betwee 4 and 6 hours. Except that all of the rain had created a flash flood while we were paddling downstream, and it only took us an hour and a half. We almost lost one of the couples we were with when their canoe overturned, as the waters had reached “NO ONE ALLOWED ON THE RIVER” levels (aka 10 feet).

Then we decided that, rather than sleep through yet another storm, we should just head back to Bartlesville and spend the rest of our vacation hanging out at the house.

Except that we didn’t realize there would be tornados sweeping through Arkansas and Bartlesville as we tried to drive home.

Needless to say, it was an incredibly eventful trip.

Some pictures!

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