Obnoxious Lovefest.

I’ve been doing some wedding research and I might have caught the bug… So yeah, I might be bragging, but I’m incredibly excited about marrying Daniel. He’s responsible, ridiculous, and tougher than most. He’s my best friend and a near perfect compliment to me. He likes that I’m quirky but keeps me from crossing the line too far into downright-out-there, and he ain’t too bad on the eyes either!

Spoiler alert: more obnoxiously mushy content to follow.

For those of you who may not know Daniel very well and those who don’t but think they do, he’s actually one of the most thoughtful people I know. He’s hesitant to let people in, yes, but once he does, he’d do almost anything for those people. I’ve been lucky to be on the receiving end of his thoughtfulness numerous times and he always surprises me with the little things he notices. He’s goal oriented and challenging, and if you want to achieve a personal goal of your own he’ll go out of his way to help you. He’s strong, optimistic, and I truly believe he will be a great, loving, and fun partner and father someday.

Most importantly, he tries.

This is something I think has made a world of difference in the success of our relationship thus far. We appreciate and value that each other tries, and don’t just feel disappointed when the other of us fails. Daniel and I are both hard on ourselves, no doubt, but we rarely are hard on each other.

Does he arrange the pillows exactly the way I like them? Rarely, but does it make me happy to know that he recognized the importance of the pillow arrangement to me and went out of his way to TRY and do it for me? Absolutely. Likewise, I may not look like a supermodel but I damn well try my hardest, and he appreciates that I take interest in the things he’s passionate about and lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

It really is the thought that counts, and I know that many couples only see the lacking in the end result and cut each other down for it. I try not to behave in such a way as I believe it to be poisonous, but I also tend to be naively optimistic when it comes to things like this… If the bright side is the blind side, I may not want to see.

I may just be young and naive, but we’ve been through rougher times in our 5 years of dating than most couples see in 10 year of marriage, and we’ve stuck through it. I know that these next few long distance months will be hard but I have faith that we can tough it out and come out stronger on the other side, the way we have so many times before.

I appreciate your patience through this post. Unfortunately for anyone who reads my blog, you sometimes run the risk of coming across a post that’s more for me and less for my audience. You’re welcome to either read these or skip over them of your own volition.

::end brag::

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