Miles to Go

“…I’ve got promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep.”

–Robert Frost

Well, the truth is that the fast pace of life has hit me all at once. Two weeks ago I was working on finals, then I was packing and cleaning and prepping for graduation/moving most of my stuff home, then I came to Tyler to get unloaded, celebrate Mother’s day, take my dog to the vet, etc. Then, back to College Station for a week to get the rest of my stuff packed up, get my sublease situation settled, and get engaged. With car and ring finger fully loaded, I drove back to Tyler and hit the ground running prepping for my graduation party at my parents’ house yesterday. Balance that with Daniel coming in town and I’m trying to clean and shop for a party, attend to my mother while she attends to my grandmother (who managed to fall & break 3 ribs on Wednesday) and also spend one last bit of time with my fiancé before I move away (it occurred to me that I’m going to miss him something awful…). Today I sent him away and attended a graduation party at church for me and now I’m going to spend this week packing up for Oklahoma and searching for a wedding venue. Friday I move and I spend 3 days getting settled before starting a very fun and busy 8 weeks of training.

There seems to be no end in sight, and life is busy but fantastic. I’ve been so blessed by the number of people who’ve turned out to support me in recent weeks. I can’t wait for what’s ahead of me and I’m excited to start work and wedding planning!!

Side note: at this point, all we’ve decided on is “around this time next year” as a date. Potentially Memorial Day Sunday. I’m hoping for a “Woodsy Whimsy” wedding in natural neutrals (greens, browns, off-whites, etc.) but no venue has been lined up and no date set. Any suggestions are welcome!

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