On Holiday


My, oh, my!

This has been a wonderfully eventful uneventful fourth of July break! It started on the 4th with a 3:15 am wake up, load up, and drive out to the Tulsa International Airport. From there, a brief layover in Dallas before I finally got my butt back to A&M! Daniel and Collin picked me up at the airport, let me drop my stuff off at the house and nap a minute before heading out to work the firework stand. Since I’m, naturally, an outstanding salesman, everyone was very disappointed when I started feeling sick & caught a ride back into town with Daire to the apartment. There, I passed out for 2 or 3 hours.

I won’t bore you with the minute-by-minute replay of the weekend. Long and short of it, Daniel and I did an awful lot of walking, bought card stock, twine, raffia, a calligraphy set, a hole punch, a stamp, and a paper cutter and commenced the initial drafts of our save-the-dates. I’m beyond pleased with how they’re turning out, by the way. I got to meet some of his amazing friends from work, got to take a lot of naps, got to spend a ton of time with Daniel, and even got him to watch a couple of episodes of Supernatural.

It’s been a really lovely trip & it makes me really excited to be married. We started house hunting online a little, too, so it’s getting a little more real by the minute.


In other news, t-minus-1-day before I start Insanity. I’ve carefully drafted a rather elaborate incentive program for staying on track and hopefully this might actually yield some results.

Now, I’m sitting in the College Station airport looking forward to sleeping on the plane.

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