So let’s talk about high-energy versus low energy people. Whether this is a real concept or not, I have no idea, but it seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life so I thought I’d tap on it for a moment.

Now, “energy” here I believe doesn’t refer to actual energy levels, although I could be wrong. It seems that if we’re all ingesting a sufficient amount of calories than the energy should be there. What I’m more referring to is emotional energy–the spark that gets you out of bed in the morning. I, myself, am low-energy. Case in point, I’ve been up for an hour and am still typing this from under the covers, security blanket in hand.

It’s possible that I might just be lazy, but hear me out a second.

So, I like to work out, but I’m not internally motivated. If left to my own devices, I might never work out. I’d rather watch TV or read a book or take a nap about 200% of the time, but most days I make myself do it because I know I’ll feel better in the long run. To do so, though, I have to play pumped-up music, surround myself with photos of Victoria’s Secret models, and try to remember I have a wedding coming up. And even that stuff doesn’t work sometimes. Sometimes I just want to lay in bed and think all day.

Which brings me back to my point: We all know how exhausting thinking can be. For example, taking a difficult test or driving long distance can leave anyone in a fog desiring desperately to nap. In life, I truly believe that there are thinkers and there are doers, and while I would love to be a doer, I’m definitely the think-it-to-death-and-almost-never-execute-it kind of person. I don’t know why, that’s just how I roll.

My mother, sister, and fiancé are all doers. I remember the summer I lived with my sister, we were sitting around at 8 pm watching TV, and she says, “Hey, let’s go hang that painting in your room.” So we did.

This was mind-boggling to me. If it had been me, it would have gone like this: “Hm, I need to hang that painting. I guess I’ll do that this weekend.” Then weekend would come and go and it’d be two weeks before I got it hung.

I realize that I’m just reinforcing the “you might just be lazy” theory, but I’m not entirely sure that that’s it (at least not 100%). I think it’s more about passion. Daniel is passionate about being active. He uses a bike as his main mode of transportation, trains people and goes to school literally 10-13 hours a day, and still works out two hours for himself. I get up in the morning, work out sometimes, work for 3 hours and then am dying for a nap. I think my problem is I’m a little lack-luster about doing things. I literally enjoy low-energy activities. I sleep 10 hours a night and still could use a nap. I prefer to challenge myself mentally than physically.

So is there such thing as high- and low- energy people or am I just lazy? Feedback welcome!

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2 responses to “Energy”

  1. Okay, so this is more than a month late, but I’m just now catching up on your posts. Sorry about that. Anyway – I totally agree with your high- and low-energy people theory. You pretty much summed up my entire personality when you described how you enjoy thinking rather than doing. It was eerie (but cool, of course). I’ve always looked at myself fairly negatively for being a “low-energy” type person. I will freely admit that I can be lazy and just “don’t feel like doing that right now”. (I also call this my lack of willpower and overindulgence.) So, it’s interesting to hear things from a different point of view. It makes me not want to be so negative about myself, especially now that I know there are others out there like me – who are also thriving, intelligent, self-sufficient adults but just aren’t the type to get up and do something at a moment’s notice. (I do this sometimes, but only if it’s something I really care about.) Maybe it’s a cup-half-full perspective, but I’d rather stay on that positive side than slip into a negative mentality that occurs far too often and far too easily. Positivity is always better than negativity. So what I’m basically trying to say is that I think you’re right: there are high-energy people that must do and low-energy people that will do (eventually). Neither is necessarily better, I think. We all have unique ways of living our lives. And that’s sort of the point, right?

    • Right. 🙂 Actually, the entire reason I wrote that post was because I found myself laying in bed, feeling depressed because I’m such a lazy person. I had a laundry list of things I should do and just thinking about them made me want to cry. So, after sending Daniel a big soppy “woe is me” text message or 6 (this is a reoccuring conversation as we get closer to being married, by the way. I’m concerned that he doesn’t comprehend how lazy I am and that, when juxtaposed to his high-energy personality, he might realize what a bum I actually am), I pulled my covers over my head and started playing on facebook. As I did that, I reflected back on my laziness and decided to make a post to solicit opinions. I’m really grateful that you commented on this, actually, because the blatant lack of responses had me thinking I must be the only person in the world who feels this way. ❤

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