Nothing Seems Different.

It seems that I’ve finished my undergraduate degree. All that’s left is the ceremony on Saturday… And yet, it seems like just another Monday night. I’m baking chicken and sweet potato fries and watching last week’s episode of Supernatural on my laptop. I walked in and out of Mays Business School to take my exams and it just felt a little like a regular day. I’m going to see Avengers tonight to celebrate and I’m pretty excited about that, but I guess it hasn’t sunk in. Maybe it won’t? I’ll keep you posted…

I wrote that last night but it didn’t post. All the same, now it’s Tuesday and it feels a lot like last Tuesday. Got in a sweet awesome workout, burned almost 1000 calories. Daniel made us some delicious chicken, quinoa, and baked apples.

On a different note, Avengers was awesome. Not that anyone is surprised that I loved it, seeing as I’m pretty nerdy and all, but I really did love it. May go see it again tonight. And again when my mom gets in town…

Other than that, I start the packing process this afternoon. I’m thinking I’ll put on some work clothes, turn on a movie on Netflix, drink a little wine, and go to town on putting my life into boxes. I think this will alleviate some of that “this doesn’t feel real yet” issue.

I truly am very excited about starting work this summer. I got my clearance for hire yesterday so it looks like it’s all going to work out. The fun part about starting over is that you can be anyone you want to be. I’m thinking I’ll go for me, but a little healthier and more awesome. Maybe I’ll take up kickboxing or some other martial art. Suggestions welcome!

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2 responses to “Nothing Seems Different.”

    • What an odd feeling! I’ve been working on the picture of Sam, Dean, and Moose running a marathon with my family members on billboards for my cap… I’ll let you know how it turns out 😉

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