Exercise Updates

I’m starting this morning off right. I slept in until 5:45, did sunrise yoga on the deck while listening to the surprisingly soothing sounds of the golf course, and am tackling a healthy, balanced, high calorie breakfast. My body is so out of whack from all the food they provide, my sleep schedule is off, and everything aches. I leave for Houston for two weeks tomorrow at 6 am, so it’ll be an even earlier morning and I’m going to have to workWorkWORK if I want to maintain my current level of athleticism. I have decided to re-venture into what works for me. I’ve always enjoyed yoga and swimming and I’m going to make an attempt to spend more time looking inward during this super busy transition in my life.

I can honestly say I’ve been more exhausted these last few days than I ever was during finals week. I’m stealing naps when I can and falling asleep at 8pm. Unfortunately, it means I have to cut back my intensity, which means a cut back in calories. Much easier said than done right now, but I’m going to try & not fall off the wagon.

I have a few new hire friends who have expressed interest in joining me in the hotel gym over the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed that maybe one of them pulls through.

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