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  • The Art of Taking Criticism.

    I talk a lot about time. I talk about patience, about dedication, about learning craft, about planting seeds so that future you might reap their rewards. Easy to forget, however, is the critical component that allows us to improve: criticism. I am not my own worst critic. One of them, sure, but like many people, […]

  • Evolution


    I get asked a lot of questions when it comes to diet in exercise. Usually it’s prefaced by “I’m doing this cleanse” or “I started this diet…” or “I bought this video and…” But more often than not, it ends with “…but it’s not working.” You can spend all day searching Pinterest and finding “Healthy Crockpot […]

  • Thunderous.


    Do you ever stumble across something relatively ordinary that, for whatever reason, has a serious impact on you? It’s hard not to feel silly attributing meaning to random articles on the internet, but I suppose meaning is the overall intent of their creators. A recent photo series featured on HuffPost Women had this effect on […]

  • My body is a wonderland. Or something.

    My body is a wonderland. Or something.

    I am a healthy 24 year old woman. I have an amazing body. I am 5’4 and sit just under 150lbs. I’m curvy. I have cellulite. I have an hourglass figure, in that my shoulders are almost as wide as my hips. I have small, 27.5 inch waist that slowly billows out to a bodacious 41 inch […]

  • Summer Body Fitness Challenge Goals

    Summer Body Fitness Challenge Goals

    Oh, you know me. For awhile now, I’ve actually been in a pretty great place, weight-wise. It’s slowly coming off and in a way that’s kept me sane (the occasional cheat meal is a-okay!). Back in October, I reached an all-time high weight of 164 lbs. Earlier this week, I broke the 150 mark and […]

  • Meditation


    I’ve made a new blog. It’s called Something Styled and it’s supposed to guide me and keep me focused and accountable and all of those other good things. Feel free to check it out. I feel clearer today than I have in a really long time. Last night, after eating too much pizza and not […]

  • Facts 11-20

    And for the first time I feel as though I am reborn In my mind Recast as child and mystic sage. I’ve been studying up on the psychology of weight loss, and something very interesting revealed itself to me today. Random Fact #11: I use food for protection. See, at some point in my young […]

  • Strength!

    I’m going back to taking care of this ol’ body of mine. I started a strength training program this afternoon following the job fair at work and boy(!) was it tough! I’m feeling very excited and hopeful. I enjoy strength training and it, in combination with low-intensity cardio, should help me to build those sexy […]

  • Big Moment.

    Big moment: I just got my first “so I’ve been reading your blogs and you’ve motivated me to get the ole butt in shape” comment. I don’t know if you know how tremendous this is for me. Particularly because the more people I feel rely on me (in a sense), the more pressure I feel […]

  • Exercise Updates

    I’m starting this morning off right. I slept in until 5:45, did sunrise yoga on the deck while listening to the surprisingly soothing sounds of the golf course, and am tackling a healthy, balanced, high calorie breakfast. My body is so out of whack from all the food they provide, my sleep schedule is off, […]