I’m going back to taking care of this ol’ body of mine. I started a strength training program this afternoon following the job fair at work and boy(!) was it tough!

I’m feeling very excited and hopeful. I enjoy strength training and it, in combination with low-intensity cardio, should help me to build those sexy muscles I love and burn a little of this not-so-firm away.

Today was legs and therefore, I can no longer walk. I exceeded my expectations regarding weight (it’s been awhile, so I was anticipating less than fantastic results) so I’m off to a really great start. I’m a little terrified for tomorrow; not so much the workout, but rather the not being able to move part.

Now to just get plenty of rest. Sleeping and eating are an integral part of my training (heck yes! My two favorite things!), so I’ll be headed off to sleep now.

Missing all you Texas folks a lot. I love you all, no matter how scattered we may be!

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