Book Preview – Two Shades of Blue

May be an image of text that says 'TWO BLUE SHAE OF GIBSON SYDNEY'

For Detective Lieutenant Emma Tiernan, murder’s been her business for too long. Just as she’s looking forward to early retirement, she is assigned a disturbing new homicide – and an unwelcome new partner, stretching her boundaries to their limit.

Beautiful rookie detective Sasha Garnier is as infuriating as she is impressive, and the combination wreaks havoc on Emma’s careful defenses. The reluctant pair soon realize they have a serial killer on their hands, one who plays games only Emma seems to understand. As the case heats up, more than their professional relationship is put to the test.

When the FBI inserts itself into their investigation, secrets are revealed that cut Emma to the bone. It’s a race against time to figure out who she can trust, before the murderer claims his next victim, likely, Emma herself…

As an Art Director, get the privilege of working on some really amazing projects alongside some even more incredible authors. I met Sydney Gibson when she commissioned me to do the cover for the sequel to this project, Under Darkened Skies. As luck (and six-degrees of separation) would have it, we ended up with our books on the same shelf over at Lights Out Ink. Fully remastered, edited, polished, and re-released, the first book in the Emma Tiernan series is available today! A racy, fast-paced, crime-thriller, TWO SHADES OF BLUE guarantees to get your heart racing and keep it that way.

I‘m ordering my copy today!

Compelling read!

This book was so good that I had to read it a second time. When it comes to Sydney Gibson pouring her all into any of her books, I beg readers to take notice because… she’s both a gifted writer and storyteller.

This story was a wild, thrill-seeking, rollercoaster ride– filled with some very good writing, good pace, free-flowing dialogue, great character interactions, good depth and character development. A little psychotic at times but worth every bit of this action to all the plot twists. Every reader will enjoy this fascinating page-turner of a storyline from the first page to the last — I do not think anyone will be disappointed. A highly recommended book!

Amazon Review (edited for clarity)

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