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  • Book Preview – Two Shades of Blue

    For Detective Lieutenant Emma Tiernan, murder’s been her business for too long. Just as she’s looking forward to early retirement, she is assigned a disturbing new homicide – and an unwelcome new partner, stretching her boundaries to their limit. Beautiful rookie detective Sasha Garnier is as infuriating as she is impressive, and the combination wreaks […]

  • Deconstructing Design: Ground Control

    Deconstructing Design: Ground Control

    Welcome to my newest series in which I document what the hell I was thinking when I designed a thing, whether that be a book cover, a book trailer, or just a passage in something I’ve written. I’m a chronic overthinker, so you can rest assured that many thoughts went into the construction. So let’s […]

  • Book Review – Ground Control

    Book Review – Ground Control

    Let’s hear a round of applause for our girl, Sarah 👏🏼  Women’s Fiction/FemLit is not my normal “cup of tea,” and after reading Ground Control, I see where perhaps this is in error. I was enticed by the Sci-Fi vibes of a voyage to Mars, but as with most books in the Lights Out Ink […]