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  • Book Preview – Two Shades of Blue

    For Detective Lieutenant Emma Tiernan, murder’s been her business for too long. Just as she’s looking forward to early retirement, she is assigned a disturbing new homicide – and an unwelcome new partner, stretching her boundaries to their limit. Beautiful rookie detective Sasha Garnier is as infuriating as she is impressive, and the combination wreaks […]

  • Wild Things Will Roam by K.M. West: ARC Book Review

    Originally posted on Sarah Lillian Books:
    Good hello, lovelies! Happy Monday! I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy International Women’s Day! I’ve been having a lot of fun with reading lately! I’m having a lot of fun with different genres and formats. A few people have reached out to read and review books, which…

  • Millennials Called in Crisis to Make America Great

    Millennials Called in Crisis to Make America Great

    At the beginning of this year, a friend of mine committed suicide. It shook me in a way I hadn’t really experienced before. I questioned myself, my intention, my right to discuss his life–and his death. As his friend, I had done more than was required, but it wasn’t enough. I was kind and inclusive, […]

  • Make “Normal” Better.

    After a few weeks of social isolation, we’re all itching to get back to normal. But slowly we’re realizing that the normal we left behind in March is no longer viable. Unemployment is rampant, long-standing businesses have shut their doors, and bills will soon come due. The landscape around us is changing; people are losing […]

  • Certainty in Uncertain Times.

    We cannot plan for a future we can’t imagine, and this is a whole new world we’re living in. The news reports estimate a lot of dark and scary things to come. But they don’t know, and neither do we. What we can know is the love of our family and friends, the efforts made […]

  • Fortune.

    I don’t know what you need to hear, but I’ll tell you this: something big is coming. As we move into the standard New Year’s resolution time frame, I want to remind you–specifically you–that you are right where you need to be to hear this message. If you want this next year (or decade) to […]

  • This weekend, I met Lucifer.

    I only have one recurring dream. I’m being chased by a shadowy figure. Without need for conversation, I know he wants to kill me. I will do anything to escape–run, hide, fly, fight. But thick mud tugs at my feet, slowing my pace. A canyon opens up before me, hurling me over the edge. Or […]

  • “Hallelujah”

    “Love is not a victory march; it’s a cold, and it’s a broken, hallelujah.” One day, I will sit down and dissect the entirety of the work that is Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Today, however, I only have a few minutes while I wait for my dogs to be ready at the groomers. This post is […]

  • Work in Progress

    “Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends. I’m so glad you could attend! Come inside, come inside.” For those of you who’ve known me over the years, it should come as no surprise that writing is a passion of mine. Numerous blogs have come and gone (this one, for example, used to […]

  • Feeling Love this Holiday Season, or Like Pinocchio, We All Want to be Real.

    Feeling Love this Holiday Season, or Like Pinocchio, We All Want to be Real.

    The holidays are fast approaching and, for many of us, this means great food, lots of alcohol, awkward political discussions (especially this year), and the dynamic family drama that seems unique to our clan and yet tends to be thematic across all of humanity. Maybe it’s always been this way, but it feels like somewhere […]