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  • Never can say goodbye.

    Well, that’s it. I’ve moved out of my apartment, loaded down my car with anything & everything that would fit, kissed my new fianc√© goodbye, and left College Station for good. Talk about closing one chapter & opening another! A week or so ago I was a relatively carefree college student just trying to graduate. […]

  • Get excited!

    Well, it seems I’ve been engaged! Apparently, unbeknownst to me, almost everyone I know was at Daniel’s house all day yesterday preparing for the proposal. There were white roses, candles, streamers, and pictures of Daniel and I from when we were 15-16. I got to his apartment for a fancy dinner with my friends, opened […]

  • Busy day!

    Busy day! I started with boot camp this morning at the Gold’s Gym in Bryan. The trainer was super cute… ūüėČ I was so proud seeing Daniel’s name on the poster! 10 sprints, then 3 rounds of weighted squats, push ups, weighted lunges, pike presses, and alternating leg planks! Finished the day off this evening […]

  • Nothing Seems Different.

    It seems that I’ve finished my undergraduate degree. All that’s left is the ceremony on Saturday… And yet, it seems like just another Monday night. I’m baking chicken and sweet potato fries and watching last week’s episode of Supernatural on my laptop. I walked in and out of Mays Business School to take my exams […]

  • As the Sun Sets

    Well, I may have lived a relatively boring and reclusive life for the duration of my college tenure, but that’s all over now. Last weekend, Daniel and I joined Michael, Christina, Blair, and Arthur in a double queen hotel room at the Moody Gardens to celebrate the beautiful wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob and […]

  • About Mindset.

    About Mindset.

    I won’t even attempt to apologize for my lack of dedication over the last few days. I spent a wonderful weekend at home with my family and got to take a small, welcome break from technology. That said, I heard my posts might have actually been missed a little bit and I feel the only […]

  • April 14th–My Most Favorite Day

    April 14th–My Most Favorite Day

    “You know you can buy Blue Bell ice cream at the store.. You don’t have to run 6 miles for it.” – Noah Voigt All the same, this weekend I ran 6.22 miles to get a strawberry¬†Popsicle¬†in my belly. There were other reasons for running it, though. Important reasons. Like, I needed a goal to […]