Get excited!


Well, it seems I’ve been engaged!

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, almost everyone I know was at Daniel’s house all day yesterday preparing for the proposal. There were white roses, candles, streamers, and pictures of Daniel and I from when we were 15-16. I got to his apartment for a fancy dinner with my friends, opened the door, and saw everyone standing up looking at me. Daniel swooped in and took all the stuff out of my hands and I, according to the video, turned into a mumbling fool.

A minute and half later, we were engaged!

It’s so strange. I’m pretty sure I’m still a little in shock over the whole ordeal. It’s as if it isn’t real until I think about it. We haven’t set any plans or anything yet, and I’ll be sure and keep you posted on the updates.

I’m very excited about all this though! I’m not even mad that he lied to me over the last couple of weeks. He drove to Tyler to ask my parents and get me his mother’s ring, told everyone I know, and somehow managed to sneak all this by me. I’m so surprised and impressed and excited.


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