Work in Progress

“Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends. I’m so glad you could attend! Come inside, come inside.”

For those of you who’ve known me over the years, it should come as no surprise that writing is a passion of mine. Numerous blogs have come and gone (this one, for example, used to be “Just O-Kaleigh,” and if you’re lucky, you might stumble across one of those old posts deep within the recesses of the archives), as have many stories, some of whom never saw the light of day. Still, my enjoyment persisted with the overwhelming response from others being: “You should write a book!”

So I did.

Much like myself, the Collapse series has been born and reborn time and time again. In fact, it has evolved alongside me, incorporating my beliefs, my studies, and my observations into plot lines that weave around my passions. The result is truly a high level handbook on empathy. It’s years of research and discussion on psychology, mythology, theology, and anthropology set to a backdrop of gods and monsters.

More importantly, the story and I are still growing. So this blog is intended to document that process–from conception to editing, from mythology to cultural nuance, from insecurity to feigned confidence (as though those are different things). This is my attempt at taking something I love seriously–at taking myself seriously–and welcoming others into my creative process (which is more madness than method).

I’m excited to have you join me! As always, feedback is not only welcome, it’s critical.


(forever a Work in Progress)

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