Who do you do it for?

For those of you who like to read my blog posts, I had the honor of being a guest blogger over on the Pure Health Performance site. It’s not necessarily fitness focused, but more on making the most of YOUR life! I would be honored if you’d check it out!


A member of Pure Health and I were talking the other day and afterward I asked her to write this up because it hit the nail on the head:

You hear it all the time, “the only person you should compete against is yourself,” and yet it’s still such a novel idea. In a world where our ability to “keep up with the Jones’” is as simple as maintaining and manicuring our social media profiles, the idea of tossing what everyone else thinks out the window seems a little daunting. Equally intimidating is removing yourself from competition with your peers. Sure, you can let a slightly bigger fish in your pond challenge you, but ultimately it’s your personal journey to improvement. No one can give it to you, but no one can take it away, either. But people will try. People will offer you backhanded compliments, say things like “Oh…

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