THEN I went to Alaska. We were back a week before I left for a week-long work trip to Anchorage! It was absolutely amazing. I actually checked a bag (which I’ve never done before), spent 7 straight hours on a flight (which I’ve never done before), enjoyed the land of eternal sun (which I’ve never done before), saw the Pacific Ocean (which I’ve never done before), put my hand in Arctic Ocean (which, as you may have suspected, I’ve never done before) and rode in the cockpit of a plane from Kuparuk to Anchorage (which I’ve obviously never done before).

We were there for “Mobility Week” in which we informed end-users of their options regarding mobility and, naturally, I was there to represent the Citrix team. Talk about a great gig! The food was fantastic. Seriously. Delicious seafood galore. I even got to go on a bike ride along the Coastal Trail and enjoy some of the local sights!

Pictures here.

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