Home Improvement

Good morning, world!

We are now safely within the 3 week mark for the wedding (20 days!) and there’s seemingly little left to do. Now, I’m sure there will be some pleasant surprises day (and week) of, but as of now we’ve got most things pretty well set out. My family came up this past weekend for the Bartlesville version of our wedding shower (aka a party where people  brought us presents!) and we got some AMAZING gifts for around the house. It was great getting to spend a little time with my parents, sister, and granny as well as our friends.

Yesterday, after la familia departed for their 6 hour journey home, Daniel and I took to the house. Following an eventful trip to Lowe’s, we managed to plant strawberries and blackberries in 3 half-barrel planters on the side of the house, alternating each barrel with a beautiful rose bush. We also transplanted our crepe myrtle tree to the back fence line. We replaced all the cheap, plastic toilet seats in the house with nice, solid, porceline ones and bought art and shower curtains for the downstairs bathrooms. This should liven them up a bit for our summer renters, who are coming over the next couple of weeks! Their bedrooms are almost completely cleaned, and although I have big plans for room renovations once the girls move out, the rooms are pretty much as “finished” as they’re going to get before our renters move in! Wedding gifts are all put away and surprisingly organized (not to mention amazing) and we managed to knock out most of the thank you cards (still to be mailed out this week).

Here’s a photo of the side of the house:


And here’s a photo of Daniel and Moose lounging on the couch:

My boys!

After all that work, I relaxed in our new, 13′ hammock (care of Mom & Dad!) while Daniel grilled some chicken and we made DELICIOUS grilled chicken tacos with a roasted tomatillo sauce and ate outside by the firepit.

We have quite the life 😀

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