Bachelorette for 27 days.


Ah, yes. Look at this fun, wild, and crazy classy group of ladies! Although we’re missing 3 gals here (Brittany, Summar, and Ashley), this still pretty accurately sums up the group of friends that so lovingly took the weekend off and drove to Ft. Worth to celebrate my singledom (and how few days of it there are left). The whole evening was a super surprise, despite the many efforts of my friends to accidently let slip the plans. For example, Erica’s amazing one-liner:

“We’re doing hair and makeup before the panty party.”

Me: Panty party??

“Yeah, um. We’re having one for the girls in my room because we all just like each other so much.”

Okay, so not exactly sly, but I’ll take it.

So after hair and makeup, we went to my sister’s hotel room to commence the “Panty Party,” aka each friend buys me a pair of panties that represents THEM and I have to guess who gave me which pair. Don’t worry, it WAS a drinking game.

Me, being a terrible guesser.

So then we all got dolled up in our adorable black dresses (except me, obviously, because I was the bride). I will say, we managed to pull of “classy bachelorette party” extremely well, as opposed to the myriad other bachelorette parties that were there this weekend. For example, after a delicious dinner we went to PETE’S PIANO BAR aka my favorite activity of all time, and I took this photo with 3 of the other bride-to-be’s (three out of about four hundred).

We had an absolute blast. I’ve never heard of a bachelorette party going so smoothly and so drama-free. I got to incorperate so many different groups of friends and they all managed to get along swimmingly 🙂

Here are more photos of the night:

Kicking the night off!

In the hotel elevator heading down for the night!

Going out!

Believe it or not, the red solo cups were actually water.

The next day at Corner Bakery

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