Afternoon Ponderings

Sometimes, most often when I read or when I become suddenly aware of a moment I’m in, I wonder what it would have been like to have seen the world a hundred years ago. At this point, the Titanic had just sunk, the airplane was just recently adopted by the Army, and Henry Ford was experimenting with the assembly line. Flash forward a hundred years, two world wars, a depression, numerous recessions, and we’re absorbing the technological age into our very beings… a large percentage of my day spend utilizing one of the many tools on my phone, which is never not more than 5 feet from me.

It makes me wonder if my opinions would be different had I come from my parents’ generation, or my grandparents’? Would my forward-thinking acceptance of formerly preposterous and terrible things be a bitter taste in my mouth the way it is to so many of my elders? And if so, what’s to come for the next generation? Will I stand by and watch my children shock me with what they consider commonplace? What could possibly be more shocking than the world we’re in now?

But, likely, this was the same thought the world had a hundred years ago.

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