Mamma, I’m coming home.

So I’ve been getting ready for my first real “vacation” since starting work, and I’m impressed with the level of responsibility that seems to come so naturally with adulthood. Got the oil changed and the tires checked out last week, got my roll of quarters for the Indian Nation Toll Road, lamps are on and trash is out, dog is bathed, crate is loaded, laundry’s done, bag is packed, floors are swept, carpets vacuumed, bed made.

The rumor floating around the office is a 3pm early let out today, at which point, I will drive home, throw my dog in the car, and hit the road back to Texas. These trips will be a-plenty in the next month, and I’m both excited and terrified by the burden. I enjoy driving, but 6 hours each way this trip, 9 hours each way for Daniel’s graduation Dec. 14-16, and 6 each way for Christmas amounts to an awful lot of miles logged and one very worn out driver.

Don’t worry, I remembered to buy a couple 5 hour energy’s as well.

This week will be big. All the family will get to meet Moose, the Aggies won’t be playing UT on Thanksgiving (Wait, you mean my family will actually have to talk to each other?!), engagement photos and a dress fitting on Friday, bridesmaid lunch on Saturday, etc. etc. etc.

The downside about getting married in Texas and living in Oklahoma is that every trip home means pedal-to-the-metal wedding planning. It also means more trips home come spring time.

So get excited, Texas, ’cause here I come!

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