Break your own fall.

Status update on my life: Awesome.

Moosifer and I seem to be coming to an accord on the way things are done around our house. With the exception of the basket full of potpourri, he has a pretty good grasp on what is and what is NOT Moose food. At least inside the house. Outside is an entirely different animal as he’s literally eaten my air conditioner three times.

I’ve been getting to see Daniel a lot as of late and it’s been really great. He’s a pretty great guy, even if he is really grumpy/irritating in the mornings. I’m getting really excited to have him here. He’s stepping up a lot to try and help me out as much as he can, and he’s got big plans for making my life easier once he gets here. Moose loves him. I loves him. All is good.

Starting to really get a grasp on my job, and recruiting last week really helped me remember how lucky I am to work for such a great company and with such good people. I mean, it’s still work, but aside from that I can honestly say I very much love my job.

I’m also making a lot of good friends up here. Last weekend some of us went to the Psycho Path and got to get the bajeesus scared out of us, but in a good, fun way. There’s a zombie movie marathon coming up and after that we’re going to play reunion with the LOTR trilogy. Yeah, I think I’m going to fit RIGHT in.

Sometimes, I have a hard time focusing on how great things are. I get a little overwhelmed with all that’s going on and I feel like I never get a break. I call Daniel all sad and grumpy and he reminds me that I’m just going through a lot. That’s the hard part, I think; remembering that going through a lot doesn’t mean a lot forever. The amazing thing is how well I think I’m coping. I mean, let’s be honest; everything has changed for me in the last 6 months. Everything. Well, except my driver’s license because I haven’t quite made it to the DPS office yet… but other than that. It really blows my mind that it’s possible to just keep moving forward through all of this change. I mean, there’s really no other option.

Did you know that when you’re walking, you’re actually perpetually falling? You simply step out to break your fall.

It’s exactly like that.

So, if anyone else feels a little like they’re drowning in all the things going on, just remember to step out and break your own fall. That’s how you keep moving forward.

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