American Cocoon

Current mood: Anxious.

Okay, yeah. I’m prone to anxiety. Ask Daniel; I call him in a tizzy all the time over pure nonsense. And it’s been a rough week… I’m exhausted & I’m a little overwhelmed, but I’m getting through it okay. Needless to say, I’m currently in quite a bizarre mood this afternoon. Being kind of a rain cloud on this rainy day, for sure.

So I’m perusing Facebook while waiting on a server to finish with some downloads and whatnot, when I see this picture:

And I giggle a little bit. Then, it occurs to me.

How tragic.

Meanwhile, in the cube across from mine, a coworker is going on and on about his political opinions and all this stuff about Nobama or whatever. Not that it offends me, but I’m pretty sure that’s frowned upon in this establishment. Then he starts on a rant about Facebook being the worst thing to happen to technology since.. well… ever.

Then, it occurs to me: what’s happening here? I feel so void sometimes when I think about how empty we all are. There’s some serious situations occurring all around me, and I’m giggling about honey boo boo and the American Cocoon. What is that? It’s funny, but it kind of freaks me out. A lot.

Now, I’m not a particularly political person. I can’t even presume to know what this country needs. Hell, I can’t even tell you what I need right now, besides a long nap. But I’m tired of all of this Republican closed-mindedness and Democratic open-mindedness and whatever else nonsense people are throwing around at one another currently. Remember: those other people’s opinions are what make this nation a free country, which is exactly the thing you and your other activists are trying to preserve. Both sides of you.

But I’m freaked out a little for the state of the world right now. Not just our nation. Not just myself. I think we’re reaching a tipping point for humanity, and I’m not referring to the upcoming election season. I’m talking too many people, too much information, too little privacy, and too little understanding. I have no practical skills to speak of, and if the world gets turned upside I’m barely surviving a month on my store of body fat. I mean, what happened to us? We’ve been domesticated and trained and do what we believe is socially acceptable regardless of whether or not it’s even reasonable. Tell everyone your full name, location, birthday, gender, employer, email address, family members, interests, and opinions on an open-access page where nothing can ever be erased? Sure! Everyone else is.

It’s a wonder George Bronk didn’t do this sooner.

And if you want to really get freaked out, here’s 5 ways the modern world makes you easier to stalk.

I don’t know. This is more ramblings of a paranoid, exhausted girl with zero caffeine in her system than anything wise. There’s no resolution to be found. I’m just uneasy with the current state of things and don’t know what can happen to help us. Other than this.

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