Just a Citrix Analyst lost in a world of Okies.


Well, it would appear that Just OKaleigh is here to stay! I received my first assignment today (as noted in the photograph) and, of my top 7 choices, it was my number 1 (hence the goofy grin). I’m truly thrilled for the position. It’s going to be challenging but fun, and I’ll get a chance to flex my wings a little technically without getting in too far over my head (I don’t think). It’s exciting because it means the house I’m moving in on is actually looking like my future home, and I can start to get cozy with making future plans.

Here’s the new home. Not much to look at just yet, but I’ve got big plans in store for her!

This news heartbreaking, too, because it means I have to go down to the DMV and purge myself of my Texas citizenship. This was a good wading-in period, though, because I’m not as scared of Oklahoma as I once was. All the same, Texas is a part of my soul and I doubt I’ll ever get rid of her completely, nor all the loved ones she keeps for me.

As for me, I’m a big kid now with a real big kid job. Summer camp is over, I’ve got a mortgage coming my way, and a wedding to get back around to planning. It’s so bazaar how so much has changed in such little time. I can’t even imagine what the future might hold moving forward, but I’m thrilled to find out.

Until then, goodnight!



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