General Update on Life in OK!

So the job list is out! Turns out most of the positions are here in Bartlesville (3 Houston, 2 Anchorage), so I’m getting used to the idea that my first position will likely be here. Not complaining as it’s a neat little city with all kinds of activities and non-profits and whatnot. It’s low-key, which is kind of my style. Needless to say, I’ve been prowling for a potential first home. Initially I was looking for a home to grow into, but as transfers aren’t unlikely, I’m thinking maybe it’s best to look for somewhere that meets my needs for the next 3-10 years. I won’t lie; I’m ecstatic about this whole process (HGTV marathon?!). I’m looking for a 3+ bedroom, 2+ bathroom with a  large backyard and newer appliances, but I don’t want anything brand new. It’s all about character and charm for me as I really want a place that fits well with Daniel and me and the life we want to have. I’ve got an amazing realtor named Allie Atkinson who has really helped me to not feel like a child throughout this whole process (if anyone in town is looking, I’d definitely recommend her)! Likewise, my roommate has been beyond helpful with keeping my expectations (and renovations) economically realistic.

On another note, my mom is coming to visit me tomorrow (YAY!) and we’ve got a big weekend planned. Besides house hunting, we’ll be seeing the Dark Knight Rises in IMAX with my New Hire class and hitting up the Hard Rock Casino. It’s a shame my dad can’t join (and Moose!) but he’s on crutches and it would be a tough trek for him. I wish my whole family could come.. I’m really starting to miss them! I’m moving out of my apartment in College Station next weekend though, so I’ll get to see the whole famn damily. I’m pretty excited about it.

Lastly, Insanity has been going great! We’re drawing near the end of our second week and our group of 7 is going strong. I’m incredibly proud of all of us. I think the large group is helping to keep everyone accountable. It’s been a little rocky because we’ve been in and out of town (SAP training in Arkansas) and we don’t all work for the same company, but we’ve managed to stay on track pretty well.

I’m very optimistic about it all. I’m really planning on seeing this through and I’m feeling very blessed to have such a large group of accountability partners.

More updates later.

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