For me.

Sometimes, you need to do something for you.

Here we are, approaching the end of Summer Camp Houston 2012. It’s been a pretty wild ride filled with dancing, eating, learning, playing, eating, not sleeping, drinking lots of coffee, not exercising (at least by my standards), and eating. At this point, I’m wearing a figure flattering fire resistant jumpsuit in size gigantic packed side by side into a 15 passenger van with a tummy ache (due, mostly, to sheer volume of food intake and lack of exercise output) listening to Damien Rice apologize for his lack of empathy to the tune of minor chords and cello hums. My body is achy and I’m making a list of things I want to do for myself when I get back to Bartlesville tomorrow night.

I already texted Cali (my roommate) and informed her that I likely will land around 7:45, drive home in my familiar Sorento that’s been parked rather lonely-like in the Oklahoma summer heat for 17 days, unlock the door, wave, fumble my 200 bags down the narrow hallway to my room, shower, and pass out. “We can catch up this weekend,” I told her. Then, I’m going to start taking care of myself. I’ve learned a lot here in Houston, and I’ll likely start on my hour long presentation for work, but I also plan to go on a nice, long walk and be outside this weekend. I want to do yoga in the grass and eat nothing except fruit, vegetables, oatmeal and protein. I want to detox and sweat. Then I want to start the master list of things I want to do for me.

Number 1 on that list: take piano lessons.

After that, I want to experience a daily yoga practice, buy a cello, and actually work on the book I’ve been not writing for the last 5 years. I want to write letters an work on my penmanship. I want to paint.

Mostly, I just want to be outside. I miss being outside.

After I’ve given this list some serious thought, I’ll probably post it on here. I plan very realistically to write to you more often. I won’t fill this blog with apologies every time I don’t post for a few days, but this last few weeks I haven’t had time to think, let alone call my family, fiancé, or write in my blog. Things will slow down a little for me from Friday onward and I will then resume regular updating to the best of my ability.

Until then, so long.


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