Make It Count

I’ve gotten in the habit of waking up everyday and I’m not sure I’m prepared for the day that’s not the case.

This is something that’s been lingering in the back of my mind for awhile now. I wonder, when I’m watching the video replay of my life, am I going to be disappointed my how much time and energy I spent staring at my fat, my phone, or my television? Occasionally, I’ll be texting someone while walking to or from class and it occurs to me that I have yet to look up and see what a pretty day it is outside. Don’t get me started on my fear for our future but instead, let’s focus on focus.

What’s important to you? What’s your focus? Are you happy? If not, or even if so, is it your attitude that makes that the case?

“Action expresses priorities.” – Gandhi

Just a little food for thought. I feel like I need to go on an adventure, but I think more importantly I need to just realize that you don’t have to “go” to have an adventure. If I just focus on trying something new everyday and working toward my goals, then I can literally make it count.

What are your thoughts?

One response to “Make It Count”

  1. It’s totally about attitude, and I think attitude can be a very conscious thing. For example, lemme tell you about my last week. I was in a funk, a funky funk. I didn’t want to be around people, I had lost interest at my job, I couldn’t hold a conversation with friends OR the boyfriend. All I wanted to do was pull down the dark shade in my room and watch remake after remake of Jane Austen’s stories. I really felt crazy because I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why I felt the way I did. So last Monday I was driving to work with the music off and the day was turning out to be just beautiful, and I had one of those “lightening strike, out of body, consciousness kicks in” moments where the voice in my head said, “Dude. Come on. Snap out of it. You have no reason to be unhappy right now. You aren’t even unhappy per se; you’re totally happy with the course your life is taking and the people you share your life with, so quit whining and smile for a change.” And that was it. A conscious smile changed my attitude about everything. Maybe “fake it ’til you make it” really works in situations like these (maybe not in others… hehe). But it was a conscious effort to feel good and satisfied that brought me out of my funk.

    You’ve known me a long time and you know that I am more capable of ruining my own day more than anyone else because I make these nasty, little assumptions or get these crazy ideas in my head. But lately, probably in the last few years, I’ve made a sincere effort to keep myself from falling off the wagon unless the tumble is for something that’s truly worth it. Because honestly, I’d rather exhaust myself from happiness and a full life than self-brought-upon-misery and a dull life.

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