I feel a change in the wind…

I’m getting ready to graduate in a month. Now, I’m sure you’re either excited for me as I stand at the doorway of my future or bummed that the “best job of my life” is coming to an end, and I suppose that depends on the experience you had with college. As for me I’m not much of a partier. And I’m not just saying that because I know my mom will likely be reading this. In truth, I don’t go out and party much. I’ve been in College Station for four years now, and I went to Northgate for the first time this previous New Years Eve. I prefer the piano bar because I, like my mom, enjoy singing really loudly. All the same, I have had a wonderful experience in college and will definitely look back on it fondly, but I’m still looking forward to joining the “big kid” world.

“So what’s the plan?” you ask? Well, after graduation I’ll be moving from Texas to Oklahoma (where it’s “Just OK”) to start a job in the IT department of ConocoPhillips. For my two month training period, I’ll be 6-8 hours away from pretty much everyone I know. I’m sure I’ll make plenty of friends there, but as we learned in girl scouts, it’s critical to “make new friends but keep the old.” As a result, I’m starting this blog to stay in touch with everyone back in Texas (or wherever you may be) and document this transition in my life.

The Game Plan:

So I’m thinking I’ll document a couple of things from this blog. The most important thing will be honesty and I will do my best to remain completely honest, as it is the best policy. There are currently 3 types of categories listed on this blog, and no, they aren’t “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Instead, posts will be categorized based on content, and placed in one of the 3 categories. Here’s a brief description of each section:

Deep in the Heart.

This section focuses on anything Texas related, including any news, visits, or information relating to the boldest and grandest state. I anticipate organizing by friends, family, Daniel, but we’ll see what works the best.


This is to document a health transformation that’s about to occur. Yes, it is a nod to my nerdism and ridiculous infatuation with Supernatural, but it also will follow my anticipated health related changes. Mostly, it’s to keep me accountable. I have many goals athletically (including “becoming athletic”) and accountability is the key to achieving those goals. I want to compete in triathlons. Would I like to do an IronMan? Yes, in fact. Will I? I guess we’ll see! Naturally, I also would like to become a swim suit model…

Expect topics like nutrition, exercise, and my training process. Let’s see if I can finally shed this baby fat!

Just OK.

The last category is possibly the most important. This is everything about my new life in Oklahoma. I have no idea whether this will be a 2-month stint or something more long term (and won’t until after the 2 month mark), but all the same I will keep you posted on any and all Oklahoma related news.

Sound reasonable? I hope so. I’m looking forward to this journey and I hope everyone will use this blog as a wonderful way to keep in touch. πŸ™‚

2 responses to “I feel a change in the wind…”

  1. Hahaha, I laughed when I saw your “Shapeshifting” heading. I’m going to enjoy reading this blog. πŸ™‚

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