Book Review: Let’s Travel Through “The Gate”

“We all want to live forever… until we don’t.”

If you’ve ever wished you could be a badass warrior and escape the service of your incompetent boss, Amarynn’s story will inspire you.

In advance of the book’s release this Saturday, I wanted to introduce you all to your next summer fantasy read. First, I’ll admit my love of this book is a little personal, as I had the honor of designing this cover. Anytime I get to work on cover art, I get the opportunity to really explore and discover not only the mechanics of the story, but the emotional heart behind it. With the Gate, we wanted to convey a few very important things:

  1. The intriguing nature of Amarynn’s journey
  2. The deep emptiness she experiences having come through the Gate with no memory of herself
  3. Her anonymity as a soldier in an army she didn’t choose
  4. And honestly her most defining trait: her determination.

Author Brandi Schonberg was so delightful as a client and gave me so much quality material to work with that the end result is possibly my favorite cover to date!

But enough about me, let’s talk about this freaking book!

In this thrilling fantasy debut, Schonberg casts a fresh look the stark reality of forever and the crippling weight of consequence, yet teases us with the thing we long for most: hope.

We open on Amarynn, an immortal warrior on a suicide mission. At times both relatable and fascinating, Amarynn is a victim of circumstances she’s determined to escape. But when her hyper focus on achieving this end causes collateral damage–to the tune of an immortal army in the hands of a megalomaniac–she’s launched into a journey to discover who she is and what she stands for, BIG things for a woman with no memory of life before she crossed the Gate and a contract for endless servitude.

I found Schonberg’s characters compelling and entertaining, cut from an earnest desire to survive. At times the story felt like adventuring with old friends. If you’re looking to get lost in a fantasy, explore the heart of human nature, and maybe stab some baddies, I highly recommend the Gate!!

THE GATE is currently available for pre-order now, officially to be released June 25th!

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