Here, there be Monsters.

As early as the first century, depictions of strange creatures began creeping in from the edges of our maps, showing territories of unexplored dangers. By the 1500s, one might find HC SVNT DRACONES on the dark corners of our globe. Later still, large swaths of wilderness bore only one warning: Here, there be Monsters.

For centuries, we’ve cut our teeth on fairy tales, afraid of what the shadows might hold. As we grew, the mystery of monsters became figments of our imaginations, receding into the darkness from whence they came. But when the bombs went off and our world reduced to rubble, these Creatures of our stories were no longer outnumbered, no longer pushed to the edges of our maps. They clawed their way from the back of our minds into our reality.

A child during the Collapse, Liv grew up with a single goal: survive. After fifteen years spent mastering this art, tragedy befalls her isolated mountain home and sends her headfirst into the world of magic, monsters, and macabre. To find her brother, she and her foster father are willing to accept assistance from two mysterious men–one, who stabbed her, and the other, who wants to force her into an ancient prophecy. None of them are prepared for the kaleidoscope of emotion, horror, and depravity they will encounter as they cross a world where wild things will roam.

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