Alright, guys, I finished my first “week” of work. Two days of tours, seminars, food, and presentations and I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the idea of being here. I have a “New Hire” class and we’re divided into two groups of twenty or so. Half of us are CoP and the other half are Phillips 66 (PSX). Apparently we all get really close this summer and so far I have no complaints about the people. They’re all a little like people I used to know back in Texas. It’s amazing because I can say exactly who they remind me of, too. It’s funny how the older you get and the more people you meet, the more that seems to be the case. Makes sense, I suppose.

I actually like the town, here. There’s 10 nights of music in the park this week. Different band, different genre every night. I went last night to hear a folk-rock band with another CoP new hire named Jessa and we had a pretty great time. We’re heading to Tulsa on Sunday to buy some steel-toed boots for our tours next week in Houston and maybe to pick a few other “big city” things.

Apparently, the Bartlesville Monthly magazine is always looking for writers. If I end up here awhile, I may see if they’d let me do that. I’m not sure if I’d be any good at it or not, but it be worth a shot.

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