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  • Short Story: For Rent

    Short Story: For Rent

    Did a Twitter #photostoryprompt that I thought I’d share as a #shortstory. Had to use the word #prison: |  It was supposed to be our fresh start. But when I looked at the linen walls or the laminate countertops, I couldn’t see that the place was on fire. I saw our future, not the soot […]

  • Short Story: The Trapeze

    Short Story: The Trapeze

    “There’s blood in my mouth,” she realized suddenly. Her eyes shot open, the vibrant stripes of the big tent overhead sparkling with the bright lights of her concussion. The trapeze swung without her like an empty taunt, hypnotizing the audience as they held their breath, craning their necks to see if her limp body might […]

  • Short story: Left, Right, Left.

    Short story: Left, Right, Left.

    | With each step, his heavy feet moved left, left, left, right, left. The shrapnel just below the muscle on his side ached, a sign of impending rain. The “oblique,” the physical therapist had called it, though nowadays it was more oblong, or overgrown, a landscape of blood, muscle, and bone encompassing that remaining piece […]